Our Story.

Our story began with the empowering idea that produce grown right could change lives for the better, nourishing the soul, mind, and body.

YUZU produce is grown proudly on the wadi soils of Oman’s Al Batinah region, bringing to you the magic of nutrients gifted from our country’s rugged, rich, and ancient landscape.

We strive to grow for you nutrient-dense vegetables free of pesticides, artificial additives or anything you wouldn’t want in your body. We deliver food, grown pure and locally to bring you truly the very best of nature.

Discover our values.


Produce to make you feel great, fresh, and energized.


Growing with sustainable practices to make agriculture work for everyone.

Pesticide free

Keeping our produce clean and natural for your health.


Giving vegetables their time to grow slowly and in accordance with nature with no artificial substances.


Farming with care to deliver produce with no genetically modified inputs whatsoever.


We embody the khaleeji values of hospitality, generosity, and warmth in every interaction and product.